Taking Care Of Roofing Repairs In Melbourne

If you happen to have minor roof leaks, you might be able to take care of them without the help of a professional roofer. If you live in Melbourne however, where it rains in all 4 seasons, you will need to fix that leak as soon as possible to avoid continual problems. Whether you have a shingled roof, flat roof, wooden shake roof or a metal roof, as long as you are careful and you follow some of the best tips, you may be able to finish up your own roofing repairs and save money. Not only that, but it is always nice to know how to do minor repairs so that you can maintain your roof over the long term and take care of it to extend the life of it.

Start by looking to see if you have any damage in your roofing materials directly over the spot where you are noticing that a leak is starting to develop. Damage will usually be easier to spot if you have a flat roof and it goes without saying that a leak can come into the home even if the damage is located quite some distance away. If you have a roof that is slanted, take a look at areas that are higher up than the entry point of the leak.

fix your tiles to brand new

Take the initiative to get your roof repair done and straighten out any of the shingles that are curled back. Visit this roofing website for more helpful tips on restoring your roof and get a quote for metal roof replacement. If it is winter, you may need to use some sort of heat source to help you soften the shingle edge so that it will be more pliable. It is never recommended that an open flame is used because you never want to run the risk of the roofing catching fire. Once the curled back shingle is flattened, you can seal it using a compound or asphalt roof cement. If you have a shingle that lifts off of the roof or breaks, you will need to replace it completely.

Take the old shingle off and pry out the nail. Scrape the area beneath to take off any roofing cement that is left over. Round back the corners of the new shingle slightly with a utility knife. Then, you can slide the new shingle into place and use roofing nails for the upper corners. Once nailed, you can cover the nail heads with quality roofing cement.

If the damage to your roof is more severe it may be worth going for a total colorbond roof replacement – click here for more info on colorbond roofing. It will end up being cheaper than a whole lot of band-aid patch ups, and will give you a sparkling new roof with many years without problems. Even if you have never done roofing repairs before, you will see that fixing some of the smaller issues is not only a good idea to keep bigger problems from developing, but they are also a great learning experience. If you have any problems with any tradesmen when you are fixing your home – get in touch with the relevant roofing industry body such as the MRIAQ. They will give you the right advice and set you straight with any guttering, shingle or colorbond issues you may have with your tradesman